Are You Ready For a NU Body

Miracle Flush

100 Vegetarian Capsules of CKLS

CKLS  - Colon—Kidney—Liver—Spleen

CKLS  is a combination of 9 Miracle Herbs.  
These herbs clean & feed your body.

It is said all sickness begins in the colon and spreads
to other parts of the body.



Miracle Flush

CKLS $16.00
Olive Oil 8oz  $12.00
Olive Oil 16oz $14.00

The Miracle Flush
If you are over 135lbs you need
16o/z Olive Oil

If you are under 135lbs
used half of the 16% Olive Oil

How to do the New Miracle Flush

Instructions for experience:   
New Body Flushers

Means: that you did the flush before and forgot how
to do the Miracle Flush:

Night Before the Body Flush Take 2 Mandrake

Take Five CKLS Capsules on an empty stomach

Wait ½ Hour

Drink 16 o/z Olive Oil (If you are under 130 lbs drink
only 8o/z Olive Oil)

You will need 6 lemons to suck on to keep the Olive
Oil down

After ingesting the Olive Oil
You cannot have any water for the next 6 to 8 hours
Only unfiltered Apple Juice

The day after 2 CKLS per day
Fruits & Vegetables for 7 days
First Time New Body Flushers

Means: you never did the New Body Flush Before:

This is the Proper way of doing the
Pre - Clean
Take 2 CKLS in the Morning
Take 2 CKLS at Evening
A week before the Body Flush

One Week a Pre - Clean

Now You Can do the Miracle Flush

Follow these additional instructions:

It is best to drink the Olive Oil on an empty stomach

First thing in the morning
Do not eat or drink anything from 4 to 6 hours
after ingesting the Olive Oil

If you must consume liquids,
only unfiltered Apple Juice is recommended

It’s best to juice your own apples if possible

Do not lay down after ingesting the Olive Oil
(The Olive Oil may come up)

Make sure you have access to a bathroom,
It will take about 4 to 6 hours
before the rapid bowel movements start

The best way to get the Olive Oil down
is to suck on a lemon and drink a little Olive Oil.
(It may take 30 minutes
to a hour to drink all of the Olive Oil)

Sucking on a lemon will keep the Olive Oil down

Approximately 6 to 8 hours later
you may have 3 to 4 rapid bowel movements

If you have Gallstones,

expect to see small green pea looking items in your

There may be other things present do not be alarmed
If it came out that means it was not attached

The Next Day: After the Body Flush
For 7 Days:

No Smoking
No Alcohol
No Meats
No Dairy Products (animal)
No White Flour Products
No Salt
No White Sugar
No Coffee
No Fried Food

Take Herbs & Vitamins
2 CKLS Daily

Eat 80% Raw Fruits & Vegetables
Drink Fresh Juices
Drink Spring Water
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